What started out as a chore, became a passion. 

My journey started when I was about 12 or 13, my mum thought it was necessary for every girl to know how to cook even if it was as basic as boiling an egg. At first I really hated every bit of it because it was something that I 'had' to do. But then about 4 years ago everything just clicked. I found myself enjoying it more and it pushed me to experiment with new and different ingredients and recipes. Since then I haven't stopped.

I've always loved to eat good food and have always loved to use fresh produce. When it comes to delicious home cooked food I will always go out of my way to create something scrumptious to satisfy my cravings. Lets just say I live to eat more then I eat to live.

Most of the time I would use cook books and online recipes to cook but have only recently been weening myself off of them to gain a little independence when it comes to cooking and have been able to create a variety of different meals using my senses of smell and taste. But I would never turn my back on rummaging for a new recipe.

So this is where I am today. I'm a uni student who has a lot of time on her hands and absolutely loves cooking (and eating)! I've seen my food make people happy and that makes me happy. So I hope that The Famished Foodie will feed your hunger and stimulate your taste buds. 

Much love


  1. Just joined your blog and it looks very interesting hope to see lots of pictures and recipes... good luck...

  2. Makes me hungry every time!! Great blog


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