'FF takes on Jamie' Korean fried rice (bibimbap)

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Bibimbap (Korean rice with meat and assorted veggies) is very common in Korea and is eaten quite regularly. Our house has been 'little Korea' for a while now so when I saw this I knew I had to do it!

I was originally going to call this post 'FF vs Jamie' because I was going to make the traditional bibimbap but realised that it required a lot of side dishes and I just didn't have the time so I decided to stick to the recipe instead.  And can I just say that I do not regret my decision one bit. This tasted amazing. It was sweet and savoury all in one. The poached egg cut the sweetness beautifully and the chilli sent your taste buds tingling.

What I didn't like about this dish was that it tasted more like a biryani then a bibimbap. And what I think did that was the rice. Instead of using short grain white rice, he used basmati rice. Basmati rice has a real pungent flavour and smell so its not a rice that you would use in just about everything. So that would have been my only down fall. But all in all it tasted delicious!

If I were to make this again I would probably use white rice just to see how the flavours work and to determine whether or not this dish really needs the flavour that the basmati gives.

Korean fried rice

Serves 4-6

1 mug of basmati rice (Depends how much rice you want. I put a lot of rice in mine so about 3 cups of basmati rice)
200g any cut of lamb/beef, can also be left overs ( I used lamb tenderloins and I think I went a little over 200g)
2 tbsp Masterfoods barbecue sauce
2 tbsp hot chilli sauce
1 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp sesame seeds
2 cloves garlic (I used 4. Garlic gives it a lot of flavour)
1 fresh red chilli (I used 2)
150g button mushrooms (I used normal white mushrooms found everywhere and slice them in half then diced them into thirds)
1/2 Savoy cabbage (I only had 1/4 available at home so I used that but I suggest using 1/2)
5 large eggs (Im the only one who likes poached eggs but I wanted a pretty picture so I used 3)

Cook the rice how ever you like to cook it best. I used the rice cooker. Super easy, super quick. I add water to the rice by eye or estimating. If you're not good with cooking rice, I suggest you make it according to the instructions on the packet!

While the rice is cooking get started on the meat. If you're using already cooked meat skip this step. Slice the meat about 1 cm thick and should not be more then 2-2.5 cm wide. You want it to be small but big enough for you to see and remember meat shrinks when it cooks! Cook with a little oil until slightly browned.

Place your cooked meat in a bowl and add the barbecue, hot chilli and soy sauce. Put that aside

Toast the sesame seeds and put aside.

5 mins before the rice is ready slice the garlic and chilli and put it into a pan with the mushrooms and about 2 tbsp oil to fry.

Add the meat and marinade into the pan. Shred the cabbage.

When the meat is sticky and golden add the cabbage and cook until it dies down.

Get a pot of boiling water with 3 tbsp vinegar. This is for your poached eggs.

Add the cooked rice and a swig of soy sauce and mix through. Press the rice down to get crunchy rice around the sides and a soft middle.

Start poaching your eggs one by one. If you don't know how to poach eggs click here.

Serve the rice in the pan topped with the poached eggs. Bust the poached eggs, sprinkle sesame seeds and add some extra chilli.

Serve immediately!

Note: So I didn't use the exact measurements he used, I kind of just added things as I went. I used the same ingredients just not the same measurements. My adjustments are in the brackets.

If you have any questions ask in the comments below! Enjoy!

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