Asian Chicken Dumplings in a Delicious Broth

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Dinner requires way too much thinking! Should I have something healthy? Something light? Soup? Sandwich? I like to first find some inspiration from different cultures, whether it be Chinese, Turkish or Indian. Yesterday was a Chinese inspired kind of dinner. I whipped up some amazing chicken wontons soaked in a deliciously, hot, aromatic broth. 
I used simple every day ingredients and blitzed the whole thing together with the chicken to create a fine mince. The smell that was coming from the blender was just amazing! The coriander and ginger just consumed my sense of smell. 
Using ready made wonton wrappers made the process so much easier. Of course you can make your own dough (recipe here) but if you want to speed up the time or your just feeling lazy these are the way to go.
Once the dumplings have all been made just pop them into a pot of boiling water and let them cook.
Pop them in cold water to stop the cooking process.
The broth had the most beautiful smell and tasted amazing. You can smell and taste everything individually. The sourness and floral aroma from the lime, the freshness from the spring onions and lemongrass, the sweetness from the brown sugar, the punch from the garlic, ginger and the spiciness from the sambal oelek. It was a bowl of pure bliss!

Chicken Dumplings Soup
Serves 5

Wonton wrappers or DIY dumpling dough

2 chicken breasts
2 spring onions
1/2 bunch coriander
One thumb size of ginger
2-3 garlic cloves
3-4 tbsp fish sauce
1-2 tbsp oyster sauce

3 cups chicken stock
3 cups water (can be substituted for chicken stock)
1 lemongrass
Thumb size ginger, sliced thinly or grated
2-3 garlic cloves, sliced thinly or crushed
2 spring onions
1-2 tbsp Sambal Oelek or chilli
1-2 lime
4-5 tbsp soy sauce
Veggies of your choice: Bok choy, etc.

Combine all the filling ingredients into a blender and blitz until its a fine mince. Test out the flavour by cooking a teaspoon of the mixture. Add more of each ingredient until its to your taste.

Start wrapping your dumplings. (This is how you do it)

Boil a pot of water. Once the water has boiled, pop in your dumplings and let it cook for 5 mins or until  cooked through. Once cooked pop into a bowl of cold water to stop the cooking process.

Meanwhile get your broth ready. Boil the chicken stock and water together. Chop the lemongrass and spring onions 1 cm thick and pop them into the pot. Add the ginger, garlic, soy sauce and sambal oelek. Add any veggie of your choice, I added baby bok choy and let it cook with the broth.

Once the broth is infused and enriched with all the flavours, take it off heat and add the lime according to taste.

In a bowl, place your cooked dumplings and soak them with the delicious broth. 
Ready to serve.


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