Wrapping Dumplings

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So this is a quick 'How to' on wrapping or folding dumplings. They're so many ways to do it but I'll show you the super quick and easy way I do it.
 First step is to fill your dumplings with whatever filling you want. Don't overfill it or else it will explode!
 Next with a little water we slightly wet two corner sides to create the stickiness to keep the dough together. Do not soak it in water!
 Now we fold and glue together the sides so it looks like a triangle. Now you can leave them like this and just use it as is or fold them even further. Either way is just fine.
 To further fold, slightly wet one of the adjacent corners and just fold them over one another. 
 And then you get this perfect looking dumpling shape. Yay! You did it!
 Have fun with it and try out different dumpling shapes and maybe even come up with your own! 


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